Imitation leather and leather applications of our natural dyes

Here you will find inspiring application examples for our natural dyes on leather


NIG Natural dyes are versatile to use. Besides the well-known textile dyeing, our dyes and dyeing processes can also be used to produce leather in convincing colors and qualities. The dyeing can be realised on wet-white as well as on wet-blue hides. Surely our dyes are also able to dye naturally tanned hides. 

The dyeing can be done in tanning drums but also by means of brush dyeing for handicraft products. 

The natural dyeing of “artificial leather” or so called “vegan leather” based on a wide range of materials such as by-products of the food industry, fungus, bacteria or other sources is increasingly becoming the focus of producers and consumers. We can also offer you solutions for these materials

If you have any questions or interested in samples, please contact us here.

Leder-Applikation: Lederfärbung
Leder-Applikation: Kunstlederfärbung
Leder-Applikation: Lederschuhe
Leder-Applikation: Pflanzlich gefärbt
Leder-Applikation: Pflanzlich gefärbt
Kunstleder-Applikation: MAD-Color
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Not enough yet? Get inspiring color impressions: