About us – NIG GmbH

Get an insight into the company history and development of NIG GmbH – Natural Dyes.


Welcome to NIG 

As one of the first European companies, NIG created standardized natural dyestuffs for non-food applications in the early 1990´s. We look back on more than 25 years of experiences and have unique knowledge in the production of natural dyes, starting from the cultivation of the plants, the extract production to the application of the dyes.  Today NIG produce and commercialise a wide range of natural dyes with unique qualities. Our natural dyes are also tested and approved according to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). 

In our work in very specialized applications, we focus on sustainability, brilliance, harmony and good fastnesses for our customers.  

In close partnership we support the technical development of natural dyed products of our customers. We also develop solutions for our customers’ ideas in worldwide cooperation with partners, institutes and experts.  

Our NIG Natural Dyes are extracted from various renewable raw materials and offered as standardised powders. The dyes can be used extremely easily for brilliant and harmonious coloring of textiles, leather, paper, wood products or cosmetics as well as plastics and paints. 

Our history

– 1991 –


Founding NIG GmbH


– 1995 –


Patent pending „Rhubarb leather“


– 1997 –


First research and development on the extraction of natural dyes from renewable resources


– 1999 –


Market Launch of NIG NATURAL DYES


– 2001 –


Presentation of our products at the Ethical Fashion Show in Paris


– 2002 –


Industrial dyeing of hemp, linen and wool at Spremberger Tuche


– 2004 –


First industrial cultivation of Weld and Madder in Germany since around 200 years


– 2009 –


Introduction of an analytical method for the determination of synthetic dye blending in natural products


– 2010 –


Market launch of towel products by company Möve, dyed with NIG NATURAL DYES


– 2014 –


Application development for human hair dyeing


– 2014 to 2017 –


Cooperation projectIndustrial printing with NIG NATURAL DYES“, partners University of Art and Design Burg Giebichenstein Halle/Saale, KBC Lörrach and Hess Natur


– 2015 to 2017 –


Development of bath products with NIG NATURAL DYES


– 2019 –


Development of crayons and water paints with NIG NATURAL DYES


– 2020 –


Start Cultivation of WELD, Reseada luteola and Madder Rubia tinctoria in Saxony Anhalt, Germany